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House made milk chocolate bars with various nuts and dried fruits.

Milk Chocolate Molino Bar


Our Molino Chocolate bars are made from the finest Belgium chocolate and topped with dried fruits, nuts, and other crazy things.  They are sure to satisfy your cravings, if you can bear to eat the beautiful collage of flavors!  Our milk chocolate bars are made from 41% Alunga Chocolate.

  • Best Consumption Practices

    If you cannot consume your bars immediately, please do so within six to eight months, when stored in a cool, dry place.  Some toppings may loose flavor or pick up unwanted flavors over time, so we encourage you to indulge and enjoy sooner rather than later!  

  • Allergy Statement

    Molino Bars are made in a facility that processes and on equipment that comes into contact with nuts, wheat, dairy, and soy protiens.  Some bars may contain wheat, nuts and/or dairy.  

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