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Pantoufle's Bistro

Grayson and I are so excited to begin this next new adventure!  We have expanded Cocoa Mia by adding Pantoufle's (say Pan- TOOOF- elz) Bistro.  This is a restaurant (that we hope) will offer the same cozy, welcoming vibe as Cocoa Mia but with food food.  Speaking of food- we have curated some pictures of food offerings we are planning with our first menu below.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!


Opening Soon! We promise :)

Food Pics

Pantoufles Bistro's Story

The first question asked by many, what does Pantoufle's mean?  Well, Pantoufle, in French, translates as slipper, however, it is much more than that to us and began with Cocoa Mia!  We couldn't believe how our crazy dive into the chocolate world has now made us a cliche.....It all started with the movie we named our daughter for- Chocolat!  We had no idea that back in the early 2000s we would lay the foundation for our story here at Cocoa Mia that now continues with Pantoufle's Bistro.  Lovers of the books and the movie will quickly find the link, but for those unfamiliar- Our daughter is named for one of the main characters and that character's imaginary friend in the story is named Pantoufle.

We hope to see you soon so we can share our love of wine, chocolate, and food!

Business Info


109 East Main St.  Floyd, VA 24091


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