2022 14 Days of LOVE Box

We are so excited to offer our FIRST EVER - 14 DAYS OF LOVE BOX!  This box features 14 Cocoa Mia Truffles! Starting February 1st  our FaceBook or Instagram feeds will feature a new flavor revealed daily!

14 Days of Love Box Map_edited.jpg

14 Days of Love Flavors

  1. Inside-out Chocolate Covered Strawberry: This tart strawberry outer shell is filled with our coconut cream dark chocolate ganache!  This is a beloved vegan/dairy free truffle.

  2. Passion Fruit Caramel:  This soft caramel is flavored with freeze-dried passion fruit and coated in dark chocolate.  

  3. Raspberry Truffle: A dark chocolate ganache made with fresh raspberry puree` inside of a dark chocolate swirled dome that is adorned with raspberry coveture (fancy raspberry "chocolate").

  4. Triple Chocolate Truffle:  A new fan favorite!  This dark & white chocolate dome is filled with a milk chocolate and cocoa nib ganache.

  5. Mayan Truffle: Our signature spicy truffle!  The dark chocolate ganache is spiced with cinnamon, cayenne, and nutmeg.  This truffle is just the right heat to get the heart beating and the passions rising! Wink*Wink*

  6. Rose Cardamom Buttercream:  A creamy buttercream center that is flavored with rose water and cardamom.  This truffle pairs well with most red wines or rose`s. 

  7. Strawberry Balsamic Truffle: A dark chocolate & strawberry ganache that is spiked with a tart, sweet balsamic reduction.  This was inspired by a dessert my husband and I had celebrating a wedding anniversary many moons ago!

  8. Mocha Truffle:  A silky milk chocolate ganache flavored with a coffee reduction.  Coffee and chocolate are great partners!

  9. Orange-Ginger Truffle:  This dark chocolate heart is filled with a dark chocolate ganache that has been infused with fresh ginger and orange zest.

  10. Strawberry-n-cream:  Fresh Strawberries! This white chocolate fluted dome is filled with a strawberry-white chocolate ganache that is sure to make you long for some fresh strawberries!

  11. Pistachio-Cardamom-Orange Blossom:  This milk chocolate heart is filled with a white chocolate ganache that has been infused with pistachio and cardamom and lightly flavored with orange blossom.

  12. Sea Salt Caramel:  No assortment box is complete without our dark chocolate sea salt caramel!  This unctuous caramel is adorned with local heirloom salt by JQ Dickinson Salt Works in nearby WV!

  13. Peanut Butter Gianduja: When peanut butter and chocolate get together you have to have a fancy word for it!  Like we sometimes see in our marriages and partnerships, giandujas were born by trying to extend chocolate stores, the Italians blended hazelnut butter into their chocolate to make it last longer.... we just used peanut butter here instead! :)

  14. Raspberry Caramel Cloud Truffle:  We love, love, love nougats and we hope you fall in love with this raspberry caramel/raspberry nougat combo truffle.

Thanks so much for supporting our local business! Thanks for inspiring us with your stories of love and your words of encouragement!  We hope you enjoyed our box of LOVE! 

Happy Valentine's Day from US to you!

Jennifer & Grayson Rudd